Are you worried about your family if something happens to you?

Do you have $10,000 a month today to pay for your healthcare? 

Do you want to leave the financial burden on your family?  Can they afford to take care of you?

Are you at risk for a heart attack, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer's or any other debilitating health issue?

Startling Facts About Dementia/Alzheimer's:  One in 10 adults will have dementia/Alzheimer's. 


Startling Facts About Long-Term Care:  At least 70% of people over 65 will need long-term care services and support at some point in their lives.

Startling Facts About the Cost of Nursing Homes:  It is projected that the cost of a nursing home in the Northeast will be $250,000 annually by 2030.  That is just about 13 years from today.

Startling Facts About Caregivers: The financial burden and stress falls on the caregiver, usually a spouse or children.

You must plan ahead!  Protect your family and your assets.  Your years of hard work shouldn't go to nursing homes or home health care.  I will build a plan specific to your needs and the needs of your family.  You can have peace of mind that if something happens to you....your family is protected.


Please call me at 908 489-2919 or look through the website to learn more about protecting yourself and your family. 

We Can Help You with All Your Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Medicare Needs


Term Life, Universal Life, Whole Life and Long Term Care insurance options.



Individual and small group health insurance.  Year-to-year comparisons for large groups. "On exchange" open enrollment begins in November.


Medicare options can be very confusing! You should read each plan and find the one that best fits your needs.

I want to help you find the right insurance products to give you "peace of mind."  Through my own experience, I learned how important it is to be prepared.  I don't just sell you insurance....I help you protect your future.

Plan ahead at an early age to provide for your loved ones.  For as little as a cup of coffee a day, you can ensure your family is protected.