Since 1993, individuals – regardless of age or health status – are guaranteed renewable health coverage under standard individual plans designed by the Individual Health Coverage Program Board.

Individual plans may be purchased from a variety of carriers. Currently, all of the individual plans offered are managed care plans (referred to as a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Point-of-Service (POS) or an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) plan).  


Obamacare (also referred to as "on the exchange") has only three insurance companies participating, Horizon*, Amerihealth* and Oscar.  Obamacare allows individuals and small businesses with lower income to purchase health insurance and receive tax credits applied to their monthly costs.

Using a Producer to guide you through this process is very helpful.  Independent producers can help establish an account on the website and get paid directly from the insurance carrier you choose. 

There are restrictions to apply for individual health insurance.

Health Insurance Companies in New Jersey

  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield*

  • Amerihealth*


  • Oxford/United Healthcare

  • Oscar*

  • Aetna

    Open Enrollment ended December 15, 2019.  You can only sign up for health insurance if you have a qualified life event.  Call or email if you need assistance.  Need More Information on Obamacare?  Click below

  • Rates are usually lower than individual insurance

  • Rates are determined by zip code of business and number of participants

  • Small business owners must contribute approximately 50% to cost of coverage for an employee


The Small Employer Health Benefits (SEH) Program became operational in 1994 to ensure small employers: (1) have access to small group health benefits plans without regard to the occupation of the group, or the health status of any of the group’s members; and (2) have the ability to renew the coverage from year to year regardless of the group’s claims experience or any changes in the health status of the group’s members.  You can start a small business plan with one participating employee who is not your spouse.  Call me if you want quotes for small business health insurance.  You can switch from individual to small business at any time during the year.