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Whole life insurance – A Lifetime Gift for Your Child or Grandchildren

April 21, 2017


If you have a newborn or infant, it’s likely you have other things on your mind besides life insurance for your child, but one of the best times to purchase whole life insurance is during a child’s first year of life. Whole life insurance not only provides life insurance, it also can serve as a safe, tax-sheltered financial tool that will grow with a child. Given enough time, the dividends paid can increase exponentially and although there are no guaranteed returns, quality mutual insurers have a track record of safety and security.

Traditionally, there have been easier ways to build wealth for children, but in today's low-interest-rate investment climate, permanent life insurance is looking more attractive. The rate of return can be a combination of the guaranteed cash value and dividends that may be paid in the future. 


Some people buy permanent life insurance policies for their kids or grandchildren as a way of ensuring that the children will remember them fondly.  They can surrender the policy for the cash value or they can keep the death benefit and borrow the cash value. The net death benefit will be reduced by what they borrow.


Grandparents!  When I was young, my aunt would purchase $100 US Savings bonds for every birthday, holiday and special celebrations.  Years later, I cashed them in and had a significant amount of money!  Could you imagine this scenario except on a much bigger scale.  Your purchase of a whole life policy could enable your grandchildren to borrow from the cash value and use it for a down payment of a home! 


A whole life insurance policy is one hell of a present!  Contact me at and I would be happy to send you quotes!

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