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Long Term Care Insurance and Alzheimer’s

April 25, 2017

Long Term Care Insurance and Alzheimer’s Disease share an important relationship.  Alzheimer’s is a progressive brain dysfunction that affects about 6 million Americans, mostly over the age of 65.  As the US population ages, the number of people with Alzheimer’s Disease is expected to rise quickly.  This tragic disease is one of the leading causes of needing some type of long term care insurance.


What is so scary about this disease....Alzheimer’s patients slowly lose their cognitive abilities including memory, language, and motor skills, and often become confused easily.  Some Alzheimer’s patients suffer dramatic personality changes and even lose their ability to take care of themselves. Ten years is the average length of time a person is expected to live after having been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.


Long Term Care Insurance and Alzheimer’s Should Go Hand in Hand

Most Alzheimer’s sufferers initially live in their own home or are cared for by family members.  Financial constraints can force family members to care for their loved ones at home longer instead of expensive nursing facilities.  Family caregivers can become emotionally, physically, and financially drained after providing continuous care and supervision for a person with Alzheimer’s Disease. 


Having a long term/chronic illness insurance policy can play an important roll in ensuring quality care is given to your family member by having the needed funds to pay the expenses. 


Examples of Alzheimer’s Progression

1.  Judgment: forgetting how to use household appliances, etc.

2.  Sense of time/place: not knowing day/or night; unable to recognize or find areas in the home.

3.  Behavior: easily confused, and suspicious.

4.  Physical ability: trouble with balance, dependent on walker, cane, etc.

5.  Senses: changes in vision, hearing, sensitivity to temperatures or depth perception

6.  Recognition:  unable to recognize family members or loved ones

7.  Fear:  fear of theft, deception, believing people are stealing from them.

8. Anger: easily angered and critical.


Please feel free to contact me for quotes to protect yourself and your family members.  Peace of mind is knowing you can protect your family from financial hardship and caregivers emotional strain.



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