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May 17, 2017





Consider the following unexpected consequences of everyday life for which many people are completely unprepared:





1. Dying too soon and leaving your family unable to financially continue.


2. Developing a chronic medical condition that prohibits continued income or requires considerable expense.


3. Reaching retirement age with insufficient funds to actually retire completely.


4. Children reaching college age and having nothing saved to offset the expense of school.


5. Discovering late in life all your life savings has been depleted, and you basically outlived your assets.


I am driven by passion to help people protect their families from financial risk.  Nothing happens until you have a plan....start today! 


What would insurance cost for a healthy 32 year old male (non-smoking) in New Jersey?

$100,000 Whole life would cost approximately $140 a month.

$250,000 Universal life would cost approximately $95 a month.


Start today....prepare for the unexpected.


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